Peace ful Ver Wall

Snow-covered winter wonderland

Just a few minutes from the biggest interconnected ski resort of Austria – Ski Arlberg – the more tranquil part of the Verwall region unfolds its magic. Less hustle, and more nature make you calm down. But that does not mean, that you cannot enjoy activities here – on the contrary. The valley with its glistening fields of snow, the shimmering waters of the lake and the Rosanna and the beaming winter sun offer the best conditions for a number of winter activities. Take in the wonderful view during hiking, cross-country skiing and freeriding in the Verwall valley.

Idyllic winter dreams

Sunny winter days with sparkling snow crystals in the Verwall Alps

Winter hiking
Verwall Lake

Sports and fun

Discover the beauty of nature on 10 kilometres. Start your trip at the parking area Verwall, from there you leave your traces, far from the hiking paths, in the snow-covered valley and pass the idyllic Verwall lake, that lies glistening in the winter sunshine. A number of up- and downhill stretches make the route a challenging track, rewarding the athletic ambitions with beautiful scenic views. Stop by the Wagner Hütte for an invigorating break – with refreshing drinks and savoury dishes.

Step by step

Trudging through the snow, listening only to your own breathing and the crunching of the snow underfoot – this is what makes winter days such a special experience in nature. And where could you enjoy that feeling better than here, in the car-free Verwall valley? So, start your hiking tour – comfortably along the flat hiking path, leading you directly to the Wagner Hütte. Or go on the circular walk, leading you through the Verwall on ten kilometres, passing by the natural beauty of the Verwall Lake.

Action and adventure

St. Anton, as cradle of Alpine skiing, is a wonderful place for downhill fun. The ski resort features slopes in all levels of difficulty. If you do not want to take off your skis on your way to the Wagner Hütte, a really special experience is waiting for skilled skiers. From the Albona you can ride down directly to the Wagner Hütte, passing the Maroi valley. If the snow- and weather conditions are good you find one of the most beautiful ski runs of the Arlberg region here.

Crystal clear natural jewel

The Verwall Lake is a popular destination not only in summer. It charms the hikers and cross-country skiers with its idyllic location in the heart of the Verwall nature also in winter. And looking at the glistening water surface, that reflects the sunlight, you can feel it – the power of nature. Take some time and enjoy the view – of the lake, the ice and the peaceful scenery.