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A place to meet nature

The Wagner Hütte can look back on a century-long and varied history. It is a place nestling in the heart of the Verwall Alps, where people enjoy spending time together. A meeting place, where people come together to eat, drink, talk and have a laugh. Once it was built to house the attendants of the hydropower station – today it is a place for indulgence.

Be our guest in the nature of the Verwall

Boost your energy level at the Wagner Hütte with homemade specialities from Austria – especially the Tyrol, a refreshing drink and pure nature.

Situated idyllically in the valley of the Verwall, featuring state-of-the-art amenities, the Wagner Hütte offers great views. Views of the natural beauty of the Verwall – from the conservatory and the terrace. It is a traditional inn steeped in history, combining culinary highlights with peaceful nature to create a purely relaxing experience for visitors. Here, you are welcome. Here, you find indulgence. Recharge your batteries and explore the wonderful delights prepared by our kitchen team. Savouring the taste of the region. Experiencing your personal moment of well-being, breathing in the aroma of the fresh air in the forest. We offer the perfect location for your get-together with colleagues, friends and family. Indulge in our excellent cuisine and best service in comfortable, traditional and harmonic atmosphere.

Our menu
Artistic creativity, wonderful freshness inspired by tradition.

Best, fresh ingredients from the region form the basis of the culinary specialities, that are served in the Wagner Hütte. Traditional Tyrolean home-style cooking, with aromatic highlights and mouth-watering taste are a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Unforgettable moments in the Verwall


Where could you celebrate in a more relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by colleagues and friends? Our Wagner Hütte is the place to be. Of course, we also open our house for your party or celebration on the evening of your choice.


Traces of

a trip to the past

Water power, generated from the Rosanna, was used for the railway construction, to operate the ventilation facilities. Here, at the so-called Ochsengampen, a water-intake and a building to house the attendants was constructed. So, the foundations for the future Wagner Hütte were lain.

Railways and
Carl Wagner

A new name

After the railway construction the house passed into the ownership of Ing. Carl Wagner (1850 – 1933) who rebuilt it as a hunting lodge. Furthermore, he purchased additional area from the regional court communities. So, the name ‘Wagner Hütte’ was established. We adopted the name, in memory of the man of merit and honorary citizen of St. Anton am Arlberg.

The opening
of an inn

The Waldfriedhütte

The lodge was acquired by Johann Anton Murr and his wife Maria, née Tischler, from Carl Wagner, transforming it into an inn. Furthermore, it was renamed into Waldfriedhütte. Due to contractual terms with the court communities the inn was only let for rent.

Devastating fire in the Verwall

War years in the Verwall valley

On July, 13 in 1930 the inn burned down completely. On the same spot a new inn was built up and again operated by Maria Murr. Furthermore, a new terrace was constructed in 1935. After a break during the years of the war, the inn opened its doors again in the year 1947, with innkeeper Maria Murr and her sons.

Revival of the Wagner Hütte

by the Kuen family

The hut including all adjacent buildings were purchased by Julius and Olga Kuen from Pettneu from the court communities. They operated the inn again under the name ‘Wagner Hütte’.

The Fahrner family takes over

The Verwallhaus

The new innkeeper Alois Fahrner acquired the inn, together with his wife Paula, née Federspiel. They erected a completely new building, renaming it ‘Rasthaus Verwall’. For many years the inn was operated by the Fahrner family and constantly enlarged by acquiring new ground space.

The trials of time

Plans are made

The Rasthaus Verwall was sold to a new family. Many plans were made and projects were handed in. Unfortunately, no project was accepted.

TVB and municipality take the reigns

A new beginning

In autumn of 2017 the municipality of St. Anton am Arlberg and the tourism agency TVB St. Anton am Arlberg, decided to purchase and operate the Jausenstation Verwall.

The resurrection of the Wagner Hütte

Combining history and future

The decision to completely refurbish the building was made and so the kick-off for the new Wagner Hütte was on. An new restaurant was built, in the tradition of the location, combining Tyrolean charm and modern amenities.

A place to spend time, where you can find peace and relaxation. Experience moments of joy in the heart of the nature of the Verwall valley.

Element 3
Verwall – recreational area
Experiencing nature on 1.446 metres

The Wagner Hütte seamlessly fits into the magical natural scenery of the Verwall valley. A place, where you can breathe in the scent of the forest and feel the charm of the surrounding mountains. Even the journey to the restaurant becomes a real adventure, reaching it by foot, by bike or on skis. The Verwall is a recreational area for locals and an especially peaceful place for guests of the vibrating city St. Anton am Arlberg. Just a few minutes from there, you step into a whole new world. Where peace contributes to regaining energy.

A charming restaurant in the Tyrol

Well-hidden and still easy to reach – that is the Wagner Hütte in St. Anton am Arlberg. Visit us and spend wonderful hours with culinary indulgence.

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