The history of the
Wagner Hütte

Time travel in the Verwall

Take a look at the past of our restaurant

Decades of hospitality

More than one hundred years ago the foundations for today’s Wagner Hütte, 1,446 metres above sea level, about four kilometres from the Mooserkreuz, were laid. For the construction of the railway tunnels suitable ventilation was necessary. The ventilation was operated with the water power generated at the Rosanna power station. So, a building for housing the attendants, next to the water intake was built – on the spot of today’s Wagner Hütte. Just a few years after the railway construction, Ing. Carl Wagner received the building from the municipality and rebuilt it to a hunting lodge. At that time, it was called Wagner Hütte for the first time. In memory of the honoured citizen of St. Anton am Arlberg, the inn bears this name again today. Already in the twenties of the last century the building was used as an inn and that is the way it has stayed almost all the time up until now.

and charming.

You are looking for a location, turning your celebration into something really extraordinary? Come to the Wagner Hütte, convincing with traditional ambience, wonderful cuisine and friendly service – providing the perfect surroundings for conviviality.

Against the backdrop of the Verwall Alps, embedded in the forests of the valley, the Wagner Hütte is the perfect place to stay and to enjoy.